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Every excellent product
begins with an excellent idea.

Your success is our mission!

»“Good planning is half the battle”, and as we at Heppler believe quality equates to cost-efficient thoughts and deeds, we support you as the customer from as early a stage as possible on the road to an optimum product result.

We provide advice on:
• finding a suitable product design,
• selection of a suitable material,
• the most economically suitable production process
...and then we produce for you!

You can benefit from decades of Heppler experience and our expertise when it comes to material properties, processing chains, CNC machine controls, surface finishing and refinement and the properties of the finished workpiece. Our customers receive everything from a single source,
from the initial prototype idea to series production.



What should the ultimate product be capable of? And what is a realistic route to achieve this? The answer is found at the beginning of our cooperation through the Heppler feasibility analysis. Together, our initial step will illuminate the facts that, for example, underlie your engineering drawing, determine the options and assess the risks involved. You benefit from this:

An objective assessment to realise your project.

Heppler’s process optimisation commences...



The Heppler Team gets to the core of the situation, asking even more questions, developing even more constructive ideas and contributing greatly to finding a solution. Process optimising leads to an optimised process. This describes precisely the optimum approach adopted in production, both with regard to the quality of the final product and cost-effective production.

...and all of this while concentrating on the answer to the decisive question:

What should the ultimate product be capable of?



The content of our offers is based on prior analysis and consultation – while transparency during drafting is another essential criterion and, for us, an absolute MUST. It is a crucial component for target-oriented cooperation and ensures that a result of the highest quality is achieved, both in terms of material and workmanship, and consistently during the entire cooperative effort.


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Our sole objective when developing a perfect solution: Your success.

For almost 40 years, we at Heppler have been supplying precision parts that are unparalleled in our sector. We achieve this through excellently trained employees who realise customer ideas with the latest equipment. We have pooled design, work preparation, CNC programming and optimisation in an Engineering Team for optimum exploitation of know- how, technology and production. This Team realises projects from receipt of order to quality assurance, ensuring maximum precision from the first mouse click to the final chip.

Our success in this respect has been confirmed:
Heppler CNC is certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Know-how and technology
united in perfect design.


When it comes to our close-knit consulting, administration and production processes, engineering in one of our core competencies.

The rigorous standards we set ourselves are reflected in the high quality of the parts and assemblies we deliver on schedule to you.

In our cooperation and an intensive exchange with you, we deliver perfect solutions from the initial idea to the finished product.

We deliver solutions, not questions.


We create solutions based on analysis and consulting processes. You benefit from the design of a perfect fixture for machining and sophisticated assembly devices and the sampling fixtures and special tools developed by us especially for your project. We advise you when it comes to selecting material and shaping parts to achieve optimum quality at a fair price.


You benefit from our use of the very latest CAD/CAM software during the planning, development and realisation of prototypes, finished products and production processes. This enables us to achieve rapid results.


We react to changes in requirements through continuous adaptation of production processes, thus achieving maximum levels of quality and cost optimisation. Continuous engagement with and monitoring of the latest technologies is a matter of course for us.


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Know-how and perfection
are what really count.


When it comes to realising complicated and complex tasks, we have amassed 35 years of experience and extensive expertise in the solving of problems. This is the basis upon which Heppler has built the success of its components.

You benefit from uncomplicated and rapid communication and coordination with us and can expect an immediate reaction to your inquiries.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum within the area of production machining, with complete CNC processing, turning, milling, grinding, honing and, also, subsequent heat treatment or measurement and marking.

Take advantage of our know-how! We are your comprehensive supplier - for material procurement, packaging and shipping.




Our turning department relies entirely on highly flexible CNC-controlled lathes. This enables us to realise complete high-precision processing of even complex workpieces in a single clamping process.

We provide

  • quality of the highest precision
  • batch size flexibility
  • comprehensive pre-machining and post processing

From initial turned part samples to 100% checked small or medium-sized series, complete CNC processing at Heppler offers a powerful production capacity realised with a comprehensive machinery inventory.


We are passionate about geometrically complex parts of the highest precision. The more complex, the better. This includes the entire spectrum of materials, from alloy steels and aluminium to the most varied plastics.

We provide

  • years of experience in CNC milled parts with the most challenging geometries
  • state-of-the-art 3D measurement technology for checking the most complex geometries
  • comprehensive processing options, even for large CNC milled parts
  • the latest CNC milling equipment and an excellent workforce
  • prototypes in up to medium batch sizes on machining centres
  • complete CNC processing on 5-axes CNC milling centres

Grinding / Honing

Grinding and honing are an independent expertise centre in our enterprise. We grind during exterior processing and hone interior surfaces.


  • Complex pre-finished workpieces from a single source
  • Comprehensive in-house grinding processes
    - Plunge grinding
    - Grinding between centres
    - Internal and external grinding
    - Surface grinding
    - Lapping ...
  • Perfect surface finish achieved with own grinding technology
  • High-end precision in practically every geometrical shape



Honing at Heppler completes the entire range of surface and hard machining processes.

Maximum levels of surface quality and precision during internal machining of bores is assured through the use of conventional and CNC-controlled machinery that can be employed flexibly and efficiently to produce pre-finished workpieces ready for installation.

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Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are more than happy to be of help.

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